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Quickly remove all source control bindings

If you want to share your source code that is under source control, you better remove the source bindings before sending your files to avoid the strange Visual Studio warnings when the solution is opened. You can do that by deleting the .vssscc and the .vspscc files and then removing the lines from the project file that start with Scc, but this manual work can be tedious for many projects.

A much simpler solution is to use the VS Unbind Source Control tool from CodePlex that does all that after firing it with a single line of command in command prompt:

  VSUnbindSourceControl.exe W:\MyFolder


BIDS is dead. Long live SSDT BI.

The SQL Server team announced yesterday, that a new Visual Studio 2012 extension which contains templates for Reporting, Analysis and Integration Services projects is released online.


The set of tools which was known as Business Intelligence Development Studio earlier is now named SQL Server Data Tools – Business Intelligence (SSDT BI), and works seamlessly with projects created in VS 2010 without upgrade/downgrade, so you don’t have to install the earlier version just for this.


Download (782 MB):


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