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Launching Lync Web App instead of the Lync client

Sometimes happens that you receive a Lync meeting request, but when you click on the meeting URL the Lync client cannot join the external SIP domain. In these cases the simplest solution would be to launch the Lync Web App, however it won’t start in the browser if you have the Lync client installed.

The quick solution is to append ?sl=1 to the end of the meeting URL.

For example: https://FQDN/organizerID/meetingID?sl=1

You can read more about the internal launch logic of the Lync Web App: Launching Lync Web App.

I am not sure that this is a best practice to follow in 2013.


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WOWZAPP preparation materials

wowzapp2012On November 9-10 thousands of developers are coming together in event venues worldwide to build apps for the next generation of Windows in WOWZAPP 2012. Many countries are joined to this event where experts, developers and trainers will be available to assist your learning and coding your apps. Check the nearest location on the WOWZAPP website and register!

Here is a quick list of articles I wrote in the last months that WOWZAPP attendees may found useful:

Windows Store

JavaScript development


Windows 8 inatallation

Good luck and have fun!


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MS Days 2012 Bulgaria

MS Days 2012 BulgariaThanks for joining us in Sofia at the Microsoft Days 2012 conference!

You can download the presentations and the demos for both sessions:

Feedback and comments are more than welcome, and we would really appreciate if you would tell us how you liked our sessions. Just leave a comment here or send us an e-mail!


György Balássy and Zoltán Dávid