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Access Denied error when adding a link to favorites after upgrading to IE10

Today Microsoft made Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 globally available, so I downloaded and installed it without hesitation and upgraded the browser on my machine within a few minutes. Although the upgrade was really quick and smooth, after the restart I realized that I couldn’t add a new link to the favorites, because it failed with an Access Denied error.

I launched Sysinternals Process Monitor which gave me a hint to check the NTFS owner of my Favorites folder. I did reset the owner to myself and voila, the error was gone immediately.


Opening a URL with WebDAV

If you are a SharePoint developer, you may find the following two snippets especially useful: by clicking on them the user can open a URL in “web folder view”, so via WebDAV, of course only in IE.

<span style="behavior:url('#default#httpFolder');" 
      onclick="this.navigateFrame('https://intranet', '_blank')">

<a href="#" target="_blank"

Detailed description: About Web Folder Behaviors


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