Too much column guides in Visual Studio

You installed the Productivity Power Tools extension because you wanted to have nice vertical column guides in Visual Studio, but before you could set one they appeared everywhere?


What’s more you cannot get rid of them, because even if you click exactly the line the Remove Guideline option in the context menu remains disabled?


Here is the solution: turn off not the Column Guides, but instead the Structure Visualizer in the Options dialog:


With that you will lose some tooltip features as well, but at least now it is totally up to you where you want to display column guides.



4 thoughts on “Too much column guides in Visual Studio

  1. Stu

    Guidelines are something that *can* be added, but it just inserts a vertical, coloured line.

    What you’re seeing aren’t Guidelines – perhaps just Structure Lines?

  2. Kristijan Deberni

    I found a way. You have to place the cursor directly on the line. Generally it means to find a peace of code (one word) which intersect with guideline. Then “Remove guideline” in context menu will be available.


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