NVIDIA drivers consume 12GB disk space

Today I noticed a new optional package on Windows Update with the name NVIDIA driver update for NVIDIA Quadro NVS 150M and I made the mistake of installing it to my Windows 8.1 computer.


When the message displayed that Windows started to download the 300MB installer I naively thought, that it is no problem, because Windows will use only the few-megabyte really useful files and drop the rest. On the contrary, a few minutes later I lost 12 GB free disk space from my C: drive. Losing 12 GB free disk space on an SSD drive is always frustrating, but when it is your last 12 GB, it is especially painful.

WinDirStat clearly showed that the C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository folder consumes the majority of my disk space. This folder contained a number of 300MB folder which name started with “nv”. I could peek into the driver store using DISM from the command line:

dism /online /get-drivers /format:table

But I prefer to use the free DriverStore Explorer from CodePlex which displays a nice GUI (this is my driver store after the cleanup):


If there would have been only a single NVIDIA driver in this list I would have clicked the Delete Package button, but in my case this list contained at least 30 NVIDIA items. So which can I safely delete?

In Windows 8.1 the Disk Cleanup utility has an option to delete unneeded device driver packages, so I tried it:


Unfortunately it could reclaim exactly zero bytes disk space, which didn’t really help.

The Program and Windows window showed that I installed the 327.02 version from Windows Update, so I went to the NVIDIA Drivers Download page where I happily saw that a newer, 331.65 version is already available. Although this package is also over 200MB in size, the manual installation may give me more control.

After successfully downloading the latest version, I uninstalled the old one, and using the Next-Next-Finish installation wizard I installed the new driver. In this way I not only had the option to install nView or now, but by checking the Perform a clean installation checkbox I could clean up all the remaining parts of the previous version:


The installation was quick and seamless, and I not only got my free disk space back, but I also have a more up-to-date driver (this is WHQL tested as well).

I think this was my last attempt to install an NVIDIA driver from Windows Update.


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One thought on “NVIDIA drivers consume 12GB disk space

  1. Lewis

    I’ve had issues with windows update delivered nvidia drivers on my machine too (Windows 8)… It installed fine, but then a few weeks later started crashing. Eventually I realised it was the graphics driver, uninstalled it and it was fine. I too, have decided not to install hardware drivers from Windows Update (I’ve always had bad experiences)


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