Windows 8.1 Assigned Access

There is a feature in Windows for a long time that allows system administrators to lock down the device and allow the user to access only a single application. This feature makes Windows a perfect choice for kiosk terminals. Windows 8.1 contains a more enhanced version of this feature originally called Kiosk Mode, now renamed to Assigned Access, that allows sysadmins to enable a single Windows Store application experience on the device. This is how this feature looked in the leaked builds before the preview:


Don’t look for this feature in the official preview, it will be available only in the final product.



2 thoughts on “Windows 8.1 Assigned Access

  1. chris

    What if the application you are trying to set assigned access to is not available in the Windows Store? You cannot set assigned access to it. WHY. WHY. WHY Microsoft. WHY

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