Daily Archives: January 14, 2013

Phil Haack in IT Business

Having a break during the final exams I got my hands on the July 2012 issue of the Hungarian IT Business journal:


I’ve started reading the articles till on page 15, in an article about how to learn driving online, I’ve seen a familiar face (the article is available online too):


ASP.NET old-timers will probably recognize these guys: he is Phil Haack the creator of ASP.NET MVC and NuGet with his brother. You can find the original image here in a very good blog post: http://haacked.com/archive/2008/11/06/usability-vs-discoverability.aspx

IIRC, Phil had a Twitter post about this picture, copyright and websites about learning to drive.



Telerik Software Craftmanship Calendar

New year, new calendar, and nothing looks better on a software developer’s wall, than Telerik’s Software Craftmanship Calendar:


In this calendar you can read a monthly geek wisdom on every page and thanks to the creative images, it will be hopefully stored deep in your lizard brain. Because January is about Keep It Simple, I stop for now, but you can read more about the calendar here: http://nimblepros.com/products/software-craftsmanship-2013-calendar.aspx

Many thanks to Steve Smith for the calendar!