Zebrafying ListView without AlternatingItemTemplate

It’s a common task, that you have to create a table with zebra stripes on the webserver. This is quite easy in ASP.NET using the ListView control, because thanks to its ItemTemplate and AlternatingItemTemplate you can create separate row templates for the odd and the even rows. The drawback of this solution is that if the two templates have only minor differences, – for example just a single CSS class that sets the background color is attached to every second row – the code quickly becomes overcomplicated which is hard to maintain.

You can solve this problem with a single ItemTemplate, if you don’t hardcode, but instead calculate the CSS class of the row on the fly with data binding:

  <tr class="<%# Container.DisplayIndex % 2 == 0 ? "odd" : "" %>">

The same solution works with other controls as well, however you have to slightly modify the condition. For example if you use a Repeater you should use the Container.ItemIndex property to query the current row number.



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