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WinJS Toolkit – JavaScript Toolkit for Windows 8

If you are creating Windows Store applications in JavaScript you may be interested in a new project, called the WinJS Toolkit I created on CodePlex:


The WinJS Toolkit is a set of classes and helper functions that help creating Windows Store applications in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. The WinJS Toolkit also contains templates that you can add to Visual Studio to simplify creating new items in your solution. The goal is to speed up the Windows Store app development by pre-baked code that most apps need.

The project is in very early stage, currently it contains only a few functions and three item templates for VS 2012, but I wanted to publish it on this week to make it available for WOWZAPP. Although the project is just born I believe that it can provide value even in this basic form for this event and your other projects too.

The current version contains the following features:

Extension methods

  • String.format prototype

The WinJSTK class

  • WinJSTK.isConnected() function: Detects internet connection availability.
  • WinJSTK.composeMailAsync() function: Composes an e-mail message.


  • Item template for a WinJS class
  • Item template for About flyout
  • Item template for Privacy policy flyout

Please help spread the word and use the #WinJSTK hashtag if you tweet about the project.

I appreciate and welcome all feedback, and of course all of you are invited to contribute to the project.


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