Visual Studio 2012, the disk eater

Visual Studio was never a small software, it always required a bunch of disk space. This statement is especially true since the release of Visual Studio.NET (if you remember, that was the 2001 version for .NET 1.0), which combined several programming languages and you no longer had to install different IDEs for C++ and Visual Basic. But since then the setup provided options to install only those languages that you really use, for example I haven’t installed C++ and Visual Basic for years. The prerelease versions of Visual Studio 2012 didn’t provide such options, let’s see what happened with the RTM!

You will have your first Oh God moment in the first step, when you realize that the new Studio wants 8.48 GB from your disk. Besides that, everything looks OK:


That’s a LOT, especially in the world of SSDs. Like it or not, you have no other options here. You have to check the I agree checkbox to step forward:


In the next step you can relieve a bit, because fortunately here you can turn off some components. You will see the warning here, if you don’t have enough disk space:


If you turn off everything, you will still need 5.90 GB disk space for Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate:


Click on INSTALL to see the new progress bars:


That’s all, no language selection. I miss that not only because it eats my disk space, but also because I create too much Visual Basic and F# projects since I install VS 2012 Mosolygó arc

So, the good news is, that you have more customization options than you had in the prerelease version, the bad news is, that there aren’t as many as you expected for the RTM. I’m on several internal mailing lists, and it’s obvious that the setup team is not satisfied with this situation, and you will see further improvements in the future. Till then, if you want to motivate them, you can vote here for this issue:

Visual Studio UserVoice: Provide installation customization options to exclude languages



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