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Windows 8 VPN error 942

After installing Windows 8 RTM, I tried to setup a VPN connection as usual. On Windows 7 it was really trivial, it didn’t ask anything beside the VPN server address and the login credentials. However on Winodws 8 I got the following error message:

Error 942:

The connection could not be established because the authentication method used by your connection profile is not permitted for use by an access policy configured on the RAS/VPN server. Specifically, this could be due to configuration differences between the authentication method selected on the RAS/VPN server and the access policy configured for it.

You can find the problem on the Security tab of the VPN connection Properties window. By default none of the Authentication radio button are selected:


The solution: explicitly select an authentication method. Thank God, it doesn’t work without it Mosolygó arc


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Windows 8 activation error: Code 0x8007232b

UPDATE: You can do that from the GUI too!

If you installed Windows 8 from a volume licence media, you will probably see the following error message when you try to activate Windows:

Activation Error: Code 0x8007232b
DNS Name does not exist

The solution, just like earlier with Windows Server 2008, is to enter a valid product key, that was not requested during installation.

Unfortunately, this new version of Windows does not provide the Change product key option in the Computer properties window, so you will need an elevated Command Prompt:


That’s all, now you can activate Windows without any error (hopefully).