How to deploy a Visual Studio Database project to SQL Azure

The Database project type in Visual Studio is a perfect tool for managing database objects and master data records. However, due to chronological reasons, the Database project does not have out-of-the-box support for SQL Azure, so you cannot directly deploy your database to the cloud. This video is a step by step tutorial that guides you through a workaround for deploying a Visual Studio 2010 Database project to SQL Azure.

The video is hi-res, so 720p and full screen view is recommended.


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2 thoughts on “How to deploy a Visual Studio Database project to SQL Azure

  1. Joana Villas-Boas

    Hello, I was trying copy the script generated in my SQLExpress Database to the new Query I did in the SQL Azure one, but it dosen’t copy. I supose it is because the script is too large. Is there a limit to copy-paste text? If I copy parts of the script, it works, but I am afraid I forget some lines of code. It’s taking ages to do it? Do you have any tip’s? thanks, Joana

    1. Balássy György Post author

      Hello Joana,
      I’ve never encountered with this issue, I could copy and paste n10000 lines of SQL code in Management Studio without any problem. Sorry 😦


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